Hinterland Candles & Co. is nestled in the beautiful Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

2007 is where it all began, I bought my first candle making kit and I was totally hooked! At first I was just making them for myself because I got sick of wasting my money on horrible toxic candles. With two small children in the house I didn’t want them breathing in toxins especially when one had asthma. My two boys also made candles with me, they were hooked TOO! Now they are teenagers they aren’t interested anymore.

Making candles takes LOTS & LOTS of work which I soon discovered as it’s not as simple as just placing a wick in a jar and pouring in the wax. But I LOVE a challenge so I did lots of research and testing to make sure the candles were just right.

We have lived in the Hinterland for over 20 years and I wanted a name to suit where my candles would be made. In 2010 Hinterland Candles & Co. was created and I started to add a small selection to our range, this included soy candles and later on I added soy melts. For obvious reasons I couldn’t have Glasshouse Candles, but I think Hinterland Candles & Co. is just perfect! I do shorten the name to Hinterland Candles when I get lazy or even use just HC..

To this day I am still researching, every NEW fragrance, NEW wick or NEW jar needs to be put through a testing process to ensure they burn correctly. Last year one of my supplies stopped making my favorite soy wax, so I have had to start over with a NEW wax making sure everything burns with way it should. Lucky I LOVE a challenge, right?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer wholesale as an option and our products can only be purchased from our Website or Facebook Page!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your time here xo

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